Upcoming Show at Block 336


Murray Anderson    |    Rosanna Greaves    |    CJ Mahony    |    Frances Scott    |    Lisa Wilkens

Heavy Sentience is a collective endeavor  between five artists, responding to Block 336’s architectural structure, its subterranean setting and hauntological character. Through a series of shared research processes, each artist has produced new work that both embodies and transcends individual concerns, developed together in the space to form a singular, non-linear environment.


Heavy Sentience Invite







We Were Strongly Advised Will be showing at TENDERFLIX in October




I  am showing a new video work at Every Bird Brings a Different Melody To The Garden

Video: We Were Strongly Advised

Situated across the River Themes from the Tate and Lyle Factory Map



I will be showing my film Indicator at:


Opening 25th April St Luke’s Center, EC1V 8AJ

Along side my fellow studio holders and the work of my students from the Spectrum Photography project


Temporary Residence

12th January – 24th February 2013

Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge

Kettle’s Yard have invited Aid & Abet to take up temporary residence in their gallery.

Aid & Abet have organised a project, which aims to transfer the aesthetic, ethos and atmosphere of our space to Kettle’s Yard.  We have put together a series of complimentary events/discussions/talks centred around a curated exhibition in the gallery involving artists from our networks:

Martyn Cross | Annabel Dover | Rosanna Greaves | Kevin Hunt | Iain Paxon | Richard Proffitt | Sean Vicary | Lisa Wilkens

The exhibition focuses on work dealing with transitions and thresholds and the evolution and transformation of image, material and object through pathos, humour and a meticulous approach to process.  Common to the work methodology is an interest in elements of the outsider, the cult, and the uncanny.  The exhibition will include a variety of sculpture, print, collage and film.

KY poster small

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