So Few People Look into Darkness (2013)

2 channel site specific audio work

Made for Temporary Residence, At Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 2013. Curated by Aid&Abet

(Click to Play) So Few People Look Into Darkness

Voices:    Government report on the effects of Shadow Flicker: Tom Greaves                                                                                                                                                                           Extracts from Jim Edes Writing on Kettles Yard: Natalia Rolleston

KY courtyard

KY night pv

Description of work:

A stereo sound work situated in the entrance courtyard of Kettles Yard across the threshold between the gallery and the house. A conversational riddle providing two opposing frameworks for perceiving ones relationship to aesthetic experience, and in particular its physical effect on the receiver.

The work couples two texts, a government report warning of the potentially detrimental effects of shadow flicker; a common complaint made by people living near wind-farms that at certain times of day the position of the sun behind the turbine creates a flickering shadow. The second text takes extracts from Jim Edes writings on the way natural light floods and animates both the architecture and the objects situated within the rooms of Kettles Yard House, with the inverse intention that the movement of light and shadow will create a harmonious aesthetic experience for the viewer.

Both texts dictate a position from which the viewer should approach the experience of seeing natural light coming in to through the windows of a house and how its movement is interrupted or exaggerated by intervening objects.

Each position is primarily concerned with how this ‘light show’ can change the physical and emotional state of the viewer. One issues a warning that this (unsubstantiated) state change should be avoided or stopped, and the other provides you with a chair from which to enjoy it.